The beautiful and mod approach to ceramics by Milly Dent.


Milly Dent has a distinct way of approaching the classic, fine china design elements with modern, geometric silhouettes. Known for her signature marble tea cups, Dent’s ability to experiment with ceramics continues to flourish in various shapes with unique and standout color combinations.

After a stint of studying in Montreal in 2013, the artist truly began to appreciate the capabilities and creativity that’s presents itself with clay. It was on the return home from travels aboard that she set focus to her brand, and it’s been an exciting journey thus far! What began as a process of trial and error, Dent found a style as the result of numerous techniques, such as slip casting, and also by letting the reaction of the material play a part in the creation process. Her unique take on tableware caught the eye of many, most notably her earlier marble-inspired works that fused natural hues of blue swirling about her cups is a wistful, yet contemporary style.


We’re all about the Australian handmade! As many of you know. So of course, we take quite fondly to Dent’s organic aesthetic and quality craftsmanship. With standout products, especially our favorite: the asymmetrical gem cups, the young Sydney-based maker is continuing to probe her abilities. Inspired by nature, she’s molded shapes from natural objects, including cactus leaves. So cool! We’re always excited to see what special effects and exclusive collaborations the lovely Sydney-based maker has coming up! What’s her motto?

“Producing work which is uniquely handmade and results in practical outcomes which are equally as utilitarian as they are sculptural”





shop Milly Dent on DesignTwins.com x


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