The commandments for interior design are meant to be broken!


Everyone has his or her own flair when it comes to decorating. Some of us are romantic. Some of us are mod. Some of us are chic. And some us, well, we’re eccentric collectors with no pattern or structure in mind in terms of our functioning space. Either way, it’s all about personality! Over the years, working with numerous clients and customers, I’ve realized that regardless of preference, there are a few backbone traditions everyone has in common when they’re creating the space they live in. Of course, the rule is there are no rules, but there are always tips! So here are a few that we stand by.


5. Get focused!

In some cases, rooms come with built-in focal points (fire places, bay windows, glass doors overlooking a meadow or an ocean, a built in bookcase or interesting ceilings, etc.), but those are special circumstances. If the room your mind is wandering over doesn’t already present its center of attention, create one! You can do this with art, lighting, furniture, feature walls or any other pieces that eyes tend to easily settle on. [try dulux paint!]


4. Always incorporate traces of black.

From bare essentials to bright colorful combinations, a touch of black in your space is the way to define an overall atmosphere. Basically, the dark staple helps to ground the area and add a layer of substance, while creating hints of sophistication and/or dramatic flairs (depending on how you utilize the accent). [Shop this look on]


3. Play your angles right.

In general, things come in 90-degree angles, from tables to chairs to frames to corners and more. It’s always a good idea to soften those edges with some rounded accents like circle rugs, round artwork (such as these beautiful resin designs, available here), or cushions, etc. Paying attention to this dynamic is sure to make the room more visually tuned.


2. Function.

At the end of the day, your home should reflect your lifestyle. No matter how lovely a room would appear in a magazine or on pinterest, if it doesn’t work for your day-to-day, why bother? Be flexible with your ideas so that you can come to conclusions you love for both aesthetic purposes and usability. Good design is nothing if it’s not all about function, mood and personality! [We love the light cages from this inspirational image!]


1. Love what you’re purchasing or using.

We’ve all done it… “Should I?” “It could look great next to….” “But, it’s one sale!” Don’t do it. If you have to convince yourself to make something work — it doesn’t work. There’s no need to rush your choices, and try not to let other people persuade you either; it’s your home so it should feel 100% authentic to your tastes. This stands especially true in terms of artwork, furniture and lighting, which tend to be the most visually drawing elements of any space. [image via Michelle Halford]

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