When it comes to creative businesses, these social media tips will help you survive the congested visual landscape.

One of our favorite things about running a creative business, in today’s day and age, is the ability to connect with our audience via social media. People are repeatedly asking us what our secrets are, and while we’re constantly sharing our experiences (our next Design Twins Business Builder Workshop is sold out, but keep an eye out for the following date!), there are a few basic focal points that most — newly started out or otherwise — often seem to miss. For instance, social media is marketing, yes, but it’s also more personal than that. Numbers and strategy are important, but they’re not the final full stop. Rather, socials are a means of conversation connecting what you’re doing with others. Maybe you’re selling something? OK great! But you don’t need to be “Sell! Sell! Sell!” on a constant basis. Imagine going into a boutique for the first time… The displays are beautiful. The sale’s associate tells you a story about the handmade necklace draped over the vintage dress, and you’re interested. It’s lovely. However, you don’t buy anything. A few weeks later, you’re walking by that same boutique… Pleased with your last experience, you walk in and find yourself drawn to something. You’re told it’s brand new, and you buy it.

Now imagine, the first time you went in, that same sale’s associate was pushing you “BUY NOW!” or “LIMITED TIME! GET NOW,” you might have been put off and found the shop disparaging. There’s nothing memorable or lasting about pushy sales from boutiques. Maybe we expect that from the major players, but not our neighborhood locales. When it comes to our digital discussions, this classic rule of thumb remains thumbs-up. Hands down.

Thus, here are a few of our favorite social media tips! We say they’re our favorite because we honestly know they’re winners, and also, they make sharing exciting and fun — not work! Remember, it’s all in the name of longevity.



Sure, making sales are important — OK, downright necessary. However, this isn’t the only reason why having a strong social presence matters. You want to embrace sharing platforms as a means of bringing your business to a wider market, brand reputation and SEO improvements. Of course, all of these trails lead back to sales, but too often businesses get frustrated when they don’t get the financial response they’re looking for and loose sight of the fact that as long as you’re branding and connecting, you’re going in the right direction.



Not long ago, we had simply in-person interactions, advertising and websites as a means of connectivity. Some of you may feel pangs of nostalgia for such days, while others have embraced the current climate and are enjoying all these new outlets of creative expression. Think of it as a means of showing off, more stages to showcase what you’re proud of… When you approach your network with such enthusiasm, the excitement will show and your followers will be as enthralled as you!



Not to sound like a broken record here, but again, think outside the direct implications: social media isn’t just for customers! Another angle here is your relationships within your industry. Share some of your favorite brands and what they’re doing within the community! You’ll start to build a lasting and supportive reputation with your neighbors.



Considering the aforementioned tips, find out what networks work best for you and apply attention to those outlets. Unless you’re a net-a-major-company, you most likely don’t have the resources to utilize every social tool to its full potential. Often, small businesses get scattered trying to manage too many platforms at once! Pick a couple and really go for them. It could take over a year to start getting the reactions you want, but don’t get discouraged. Keep experimenting, without going off brand, and when you find a niche and groove that works, you’ll know it!

Be sure to check in soon for our next Business Workshop! Or, ready to jump into your business, we have creative share spaces available in our building, so be in touch!

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