With each new launch, Ivy Muse continues to fuse brilliant design with crisp sensibilities.

To everyone’s enthusiasm, Ivy Muse has finally released their newest collection, Homebody! Designers Alana and Jacqui, who create each product from start to finish in Melbourne, have really outdone themselves with this latest botanically-inspired series!

The Homebody collection presents their signature plant stands in chic new shapes and colourways, and also introduces two new styles — stackable cubes with leather straps and adorable shelves.

Beautifully modern and functional, Ivy Muse items are the result of thoughtful design, handcraftsmanship and quality materials. A stylish way to bring greens indoors, the stands suit a variety of pots and botanical vessels, giving plant lovers essential stylistic freedom. In a world that’s so cluttered with stuff and technology, Ivy Muse offers the home a minimalistic breath of fresh air.

At the core of their mission, Alan and Jacqui believe in providing an atmosphere that encourages creativity with greenery. It’s time to get innovative!


Cubby Plant Stand


Harlequin Plant Stand


Plant Shelf


Cubby Plant Stand


Plant Shelf


Cubby Plant Stand


Foundation Plant Stand

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