Sometimes it simply takes turning a decorating “don’t” into a “do” to make your space look and feel more perfect!

When it comes to interiors the age-old saying is true, “The rules are there are no rules.” OK actually that’s a quote from Grease, but the sentiment is timeless! For your home, it’s essential to get creative, experiment and figure out what works best — it’s your space so you better adore it! While rules are simply ideas meant to be broken, good advice is encouraging and informative. So we’ve gathered some tidbits to help you on your journey to décor satisfaction.


BZBX Grey Change Table Tower

DON’T bother with white if you have kids! White rugs and upholstery are so beautiful, bright and warming, but keeping them clean is a battle with perfection not many can win.

interior style

DT Home Pink & Gold Clock | Design Twins Diamond Lightweight Pot

DO mix and match the style of your pieces as a reflection of your interests. If you love Scandinavian chic then by all means create your look accordingly, but just remember to throw in a few variations of randomness. Find amazing pieces when abroad on your travels and incorporate that experience into your everyday life.


Globe West Guss Hallifax Chair

DON’T be afraid to invest in pieces you really love. Splurging on furniture and home keepsakes is the best way to splurge — you’ll have it forever!


Globe West Ethnicraft Nordic Bed

DO pay attention to architecture. To reach the highest design potential, furniture and décor should fit into a space like a glove. You might absolutely fall in love with a piece of furniture in the store, but your rooms have scales so find pieces to fit accordingly.


Milkcart Twiggy Desk

DON’T go overboard. It’s so hard! As interior enthusiasts, we’re always finding amazing new things, but this is probably the one area of life where you actually cannot — and should not — have it all.


Design Twins Cross Pot

DO incorporate plants! Greenery is completely necessary in every way from accent succulents to large potted plants to hanging moss fixtures, anything botanical breaths new life into your home while spurting positive moods of comfort and relief.


Barnaby Lane Fenwick Dining Chair

DON’T pick out your paint colour in the store. It’s never going to look the same. Bring some samples into the sun and check them out under different lighting beforehand. According to the pros, the best perspective is to poke a hole in a piece of white paper, hold the paint swatch behind it, then look at the colour through the hold for an undiluted view that will offer the actual colour.


SLABSbydesign Concrete Dining Table

DO trust your instincts. It’s your style, it’s your home. No one else could know better!

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5 thoughts

  1. I’m glad that you mentioned to pay attention to architecture, and that you need to find pieces that fit accordingly. In my mind, this could serve as a great chance for some creative problem solving. Trying to find something that can fit in your space while also keeping a theme seems like a fun challenge. Not only that, but it’s possible that, by doing this, you may find something that you hadn’t considered that you love even more than the other piece of furniture.


  2. Thanks for sharing your interior designs tips with us. I was also thinking to change the interior design of my office and suddenly I found your blog and I definitely going to follow your tips. Keep sharing like this.


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