Hey everyone!

Can you believe summer has gone and we are in March?? WTH!!! It felt like only a few weeks ago we were talking about what we were doing  for New Years and writing down a million resolutions, which I’ve definitely forgotten about. One of them was to write a weekly blog…

And guess what? I ended up with more on my plate than an all you can eat buffet at sizzler and then something had to give. My blog. My dear blog.

I think my biggest fear when it comes to writing is what to write about?

Well, I’m just going to blah blah blah
e.g. RAVE on about things/ peeps that inspire our world, tips for anyone thats fresh outta college and UNI and is like WHAT DO I DO NOW?
Yep I’ve been there, so many have and its about finding where and what you want to be in the design world and how to achieve it and how to continue to keep it rolling on. So here we go!

MASSIVE thank you to Tessa for being our guest writer, while I have been attempting to unload my plate. We also welcomed a breath of fresh air this year to our store KATELYN – our new store manager. She is absolutely AMAZING and I guarantee you’ll love her, so pop in for a chat… More about this beauty later on #staytuned

OK so now thats off my plate (it’s ALL about plates today haha)  lets talk about our new collection.
I’ve been saying this for-like-ever that we need a new collection. The challenge is that I change my mind weekly about what it should be, what home would it work in, what YOU guys want to see too!

So after a few months, sleepless nights, a restless wandering mind – I think its just about finished!

The shoot is happening next week now I’ve got my act together OOOHHMMYYGOOSSHH…. GET BLOODY EXCITED!!!

There will be new colours released..



Source: flwrshop, Nashville



Source: DM House by Studio Guilherme Torres


8fa261bb139359328148846e22f8f78c.jpg  ce91e25098f0de03fa6a358141c65bc1.jpg

Source: Atlantic-Pacific



Source: Hotel California


2233313f5b3ce020726884af1a6a7ae4.jpg  a67310fc78c1eb82251c3971aaeb3816.jpg

So whaddaya think of my inspo??? If Palm Springs and Art Deco had a baby in Mykonos, this would kinda be it.

Can’t wait to show you!!

Oh and here’s my favourite piece that I’m crushing on this week from the shop!


Have the best weekend, chat next week 🙂

Crystal xx

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