Your invitation to ‘ICEBERGS’ Opening night this Thursday 6-8pm

Homewares Mecca Design Twins and local artist Jennifer Lia join forces to launch new collection celebrating Sydney’s Iconic Coastline
jennifer lia insta.jpg
Jennifer Lia’s striking and unmistakable coastal inspired acrylic on canvas works – notably her signature ‘Icebergs’ painting have seen her recently grace the pages of Virgin Voyeur magazine and Huffington Post.
sydney-artist-jennifer-lia-205962-1476852885-fb.640x0c copy.jpg
The collaboration was born through a mutual admiration and natural fit for both brands and culminated in an upcoming exhibition ‘Icebergs’ featuring 12 original works framed in Tasmanian Oak and limited edition homewares range from the Sydney based artist
Jennifer Lia’s inspiration stems from her home in Manly and love of the coast – on her recent body of work:
“My work is always inspired by the ocean in some way – it’s healing, cathartic and magic – everyone has some connection to its awe-inspiring power, fragility and raw beauty”.  This collaboration is the culmination of this. I think people really identify with their local spots – they hold memories and transport you”.


Off the back of her first solo exhibition in Sydney’s iconic Paddington Reservoir, this new exhibition allows the artist to explore her body of work across new mediums.
Her new interpretations can be seen in a Limited Edition capsule range of her signature ‘Icebergs’ hand painted on Design Twins coveted concrete pots available in 3 sizes and part of the upcoming exhibition.

‘ICEBERGS’  Opening night will be held  THIS THURSDAY 4th May 6-8pm at the Design Twins store 75 Mary Street, Saint Peters NSW  ( Parking out the front of the shop on

Mary St or go around the block to our massive carpark in Edith St )

GET EXCITED, its going to be so much FUN!!! Xx



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