The night I met Ryan Gosling…ย 

GOT YA DIDNT I!!! But seriously I did meet Ryan Gosling… WTF! And I didn’t think my pic would go so viral did I?? It’s like I thought all my followers were fake (in which they aren’t) but they all came out of the woods when I posted this one!

So here’s the deal.. it’s week 1 and I’m a bit shocked TBH that I’m in another country. Really homesick away from my son, my friends and of course my other wild child – my shop! I’m so attached to our shop with the way it looks to every single styled and curated piece in there, that I was having styling withdrawals…

So I threw a little tantrum one night and texted my sister, who happens to be in music and is pretty much doing something fun every night. She happened to be at dinner and said come out! So 5 mins later I was in an Uber to an Italian restaurant in LA and it was so cute and the food was INSANE! Anyways on my way to the toilet.. guess who looks me right in the eye, I nearly passed out.. RYAN GOSLING! He was quietly eating dinner with a friend for a while and I didn’t know what to do.. so I went to the bar and started ordering wines (as you do)

And then one too many (4) later, I had the wine confidence to start chatting. So I just went right up to him and said hi and politely asked for a pic (who cares about rejection after a few wines right?) and then I was surprised when he started talking to me like I was a friend! Asked how long I was here for, said he LOVES Australia and is always in NZ. So we got our pics and then I kind of freaked out and went bright red.. it was time to say bye and not say anything weird..

Apparently here’s there for dinner all the time but no one bothers him. I think that’s cool and probably really rare for him!

So that’s pretty much it! I wish I could give you more goss, but he’s a pretty normal down to earth guy! (That we are all totally in love with – no biggie)

In other news…. Back to the shop (That thing we are meant to be building from scratch) When we arrived 2 weeks ago, it was pretty gross.. an empty shell with a beautiful roof and I wasn’t sure what vibe we were going for over here? Back home we have a real scandi industrial look and I was doubting whether Amercians like that, seeing the colourful Mexican jungle scene was spreading fast!

So I just tweaked it a bit and just went with my gut (which is full of bagels, donuts and burgers right now ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿฉ)

So I’m calling it the SCANDI JUNGLE!!!

Here’s where we are currently up to today.. more happening in the next few days with pots + plants + furniture going in!


London was a little helper, who seemed to amuse himself for 2 weeks in a bare workshop, using tools for toys. We were lucky (thank god) but we had no choice but to bring him, so it’s all part of the journey hey?!

Creating a moodboard (as simple as a bunch of screenshots in your phone and then take a big screenshot of the screenshots) really helped me work out which direction we were going in, so if your doing a Reno and think “let’s do a bright yellow splashback” in a scandi home.. might not be the best idea. So I tried to channel my Palm Springs / cali vibe for the LA workshop and threw a bit of scandi jungle in there.. stay tuned for the next few days when the real transformation happens!

Alright.. I could talk underwater with marbles in my mouth, so I will let you go and carpe diem!

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Crystal xx

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