Our NEW store counter by Tilecloud


How on earth have you all been?! I can’t believe it’s been a while since I’ve been on here, but we’ve been busy bees building up our LA workshop, which has been going off like a frog in a sock (that’s a really weird saying I know but I did grow up in a small town)

Sooooo guess what? We have a BRAND SPANKING NEW FRONT COUNTER!!! Aren’t we bloody lucky ducks?! The oh so clever team at Tilecloud came over to our store and gave our big baby a giant makeover and the results are AMAZING!!!!

Before the store was really dark and cold with the black subway tiles we had. The light reflected a dark and dim appearance instore, but I wanted a bright, fresh and happy feeling when customer’s walked in.


The Tilecloud team were so professional and fast! We were so impressed by their attention to detail and service!



Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL!!!! Gosh I screamed like a 13 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert and nearly had tears rolling down my face like those babes on the Reno shows – lucky I wasn’t on camera! 😉

I basically never want to leave the store now and most customer’s walk in thinking we are a cafe because of this big white beauty! I should put some pineapples and oranges in a bowl and that will really confuse them!

Sooooo we chatted to one of the loveliest blokes you’ll ever meet, Drew from Tilecloud, to let you know what this latest revolution in tile shopping is all about!!! #tileshoppinghasneverbeeneasier

What is tile cloud about?

TileCloud is all about getting beautiful design into every home in Australia at great prices no matter where you live, Australia-wide. We have curated a wide selection of the latest trends and all the classics from the tile world and put them all at your fingertips. As we all get busier, it’s not convenient for everyone to go to multiple tile stores on their weekend trying to find what works. We have 5 samples for $5 delivered to your home so you can check out the tiles where it’s convenient. Shop anywhere, any time and know you are getting style and quality from the TileCloud team at prices that will make you smile.


Why did you start tile cloud?

We started Tilecloud to address several frustrations we had with the current state of the market.

Consistency. When you go into a tile store, they often don’t have prices listed so they can decide how much to charge you based off your appearance. Our store has all the prices listed all the time. Every tile AND delivery prices to everywhere in Australia

Selection. Tile stores’ selections are often limited to the tiles they display. Too often tiles get discontinued but the stores leave them on display as they are expensive to replace. We update our store daily to reflect what is new and what is no longer available. If you see it in our store – we have it!

Location. People in regional and remote communities are usually at the mercy of the one tile store in their area. Price and selection is limited to say the least. We ship our entire range anywhere in Australia and have amazing pricing so you get the latest styles at ultra-competitive rates.

Convenience. Most working people can only get to the traditional tile stores on the weekend when they would rather be doing everything but. We have our online store open 24/7 so you can browse and shop when it’s convenient for you.

How to choose a tile that works best for bathroom?
Texture: For bathroom floors, go straight to the matt and semi-polished finish tiles. (also sometimes called lappato) They are smooth enough to clean easily but with enough texture so you don’t go slipping and sliding when they get wet. For bathroom walls, any of the internal finishes are fine (polished/gloss, matt, semi-polished)

Size: Floor tile size should be no bigger than 300 x 600 unless you have a long strip drain. Making sure you don’t go too big on the floor allows your tiler to make the floor drain well and work properly. With the long strip drains that are becoming quite popular now, any size goes. Wall tile size comes down to style and preference. Smaller tiles with more grout lines tend to feel ‘busier’ and larger tiles tend to feel more ‘sparse’. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the room, the bigger the tile. By far, the most common size combination for residential homes in Australia in the last 12 months has been 300 x 300 on the floor and 300 x 600 on the walls.

Colour: Work with colours that complement the rest of your house. Think neutral tones as the starting point – whites, beiges and lighter greys have stood the test of time for a reason. The tiles are most likely going to be there for a while so they need to be both practical and stylish. If you are going for feature tiles, limit them to a specific area. They are no longer a feature if they are on every wall… that’s just overwhelming.

Other areas where you can use tiles?

The bathroom is the first place that springs to mind but really, tiles are popping up everywhere!
Some of our favourites include:

• Timber plank tiles in kitchens and hallways where normal timber is prone to damage from high traffic and moisture

• Concrete-look tiles in living spaces to create the uber-popular contemporary style which is often seen on the TV renovating shows

• Laundrys and Kitchen splashbacks. Anywhere that moisture is present, tiles are your friend. They are simple to clean and don’t mind getting wet.

• Day beds…… watch this space.

ISNT THIS AMAZING!!! I’m totally mind blown that I can literally shop tiles for all my clients from my laptop, iPad and iPhone and know exactly how much I’m up for there and then! Also having those samples in a flash is peace of mind!

Take the stress out of Tile shopping and let Tilecloud do it for you! They have a passion for tiles and a passion for helping customers find the PERFECT pieces for their spaces!

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