Jessie Rigby Art Exhibtion is LIVE and the $3000 POT GIVEAWAY!!!

Hey guys! WOW! What an AMAZING night we had last week at our opening night of Jessie Rigby’s Art Exhibtion!!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ πŸ™€πŸ·πŸ’ƒπŸ»

We had such a great crowd, and half the exhibition was sold within the first hour of the night!!! And yep all the FREE POTS were handed out!!! You heard it – we gave away nearly $3000 in free pots!!! #callmeoprah

Guests grazed on platters created by the talented jakhome and the gallery was styled by The Wild Side

The gallery was also scented by Lumira candles and the wine was supplied by our local winery Sydney Urban Winery who produces the best local wine you’ve ever had! (trust me I drink a lotta wine πŸ˜‚)

Inspired by nature and seasons, here’s what Jessie Rigby’s Exhibtion is all about:

‘TEMPORIBUS’ (Latin for SEASONS) | In their own way each of the seasons (Temporibus) represent something beautiful about the life that we live. I find inspiration in the way the light dances on the clouds and in the colours that are reflected on the mountains. The colour palette that I have used has been predominantly inspired by the warmer and more ornamental months of spring, summer and autumn. A winter palette inspires only one piece and this is intentional. Each year we get busier and busier, time slips by in a whirl of colours that represent the stages of our lives. Winter is about reflection, a time where we develop an understanding about life, like a storm, it is a time of uncertainty, where goals are decided and the pathway to attaining them is a mystery. When I created my darker work ‘Tenebris Caelem’ I wanted to communicate the beauty and mystery that can be found in the darkness of a storm. It’s Mother Natures way of healing the past. You will see that there is only one work that is dark and stormy and this is because winter is my least favourite Season and the colours and light depicted convey how I feel in the midst of winter. Spring is a time when we have hope for a new beginning. It is a time to start over. The colours that emerge during spring reflect this hope. I love new life and the new colours that are evoked by this season can be seen in my pieces from the ‘Caelum’ & ‘Flos’ series. In summer we feel gratitude for the changes that have resulted in growth in our lives. It is a time when we live life with a renewed sense of purpose. The colours found in the landscape during this season are reflected in my β€˜Clara’ series – they represent the clarity we find within ourselves during this season. Even when it’s raining, the colours found in the landscape make us happy to sit and watch. We don’t need anything else.Throughout this series I have represented that β€˜I believe in the process of life. I believe in four seasons. I know that winter’s tough, but spring’s right around the corner. I believe that there’s a season to grow. And I think that as you realize that, you grow. You get better and so does life.’ – Jessie Rigby #jessierigbyartexhibition

And best of all is that she’s one the most beautiful souls you’ve met in town whole life! So much peace and calmness, which reflects in her artworks.

Soooooo they’ve actually been selling faster than we can get the framed artwork pics online, but you can always view the unframed collection here, even simply to check out exactly how bloody talented this girl is – and the rest of you seem to think so too! #jessierigbyforpresident

Pop into our store if you live in Sydney or give us a call anytime (except nighttime because we are drinking wine, scrolling Instagram and sleeping) πŸ˜‰

Enjoy your week peeps and chat soon!!! ( Seeeeeee… I’m blogging way more now… so much that I’m totes gonna be a bloggerrrrr full time soon!) naaahhhh jk.. but it’s definitely a life goal.. βœ”οΈ #butimnotthebestwriter #iwaswaysmartterin6thgrade

Crystal (Oprah) x

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