Your Ultimate Living Room Style Guide

Design Twins Secrets To Styling Your Living Room!

We all love the idea of a renovated, brand new look, complete overhaul style living room! Making the decision to create some changes is EASY. It’s the decisions that come after which start to overwhelm us. LIKE, where to start?!?!?! Start BIG. As in, key pieces first! Sofa. Coffee Table. Rug! Don’t let the enormity of the transform overwhelm you. Once you’ve made decisions on the key pieces, you’ll find the accents and décor will naturally flow.

Globewest Design Twins Loungeroom

There are certain questions we can ask ourselves which will help us to clearly make the big choices and end up with the living room of our dreams!

Firstly, do you have a particular style? Modern? Minimalist? Scandi? Boho? A combination works fine too! It’s all about honing in to what kind of vibe makes YOU scream with joy inside. Spend a few nights on your phone flicking through Instagram or Pinterest, taking screenshots of rooms you like. Um, “welcome to my every night” you say.

Secondly, do you already own some pieces that can be better featured with the addition of just one or two items? A busy living room can be combatted with a neutral rug. Or perhaps a new couch in a lighter colour could make a huge difference to the harmony of your space!

Lastly, this one is super important – what kind of home do you live in?! Is it small or large? Well lit or dim? DO YOU HAVE KIDS? (Sayonara white couch). What function does your living room most often provide? A place to watch T.V? A place of serenity and calm? A place to entertain?

The Elle Cube Coffee Table by GlobeWest ticks a lot of different styling preferences! The beautiful brass adds boho glory while the glass top and sleek design brings a modern feel!

Globewest Elle cube

Pair with the Felix Block 4 Seater Sofa to indulge in complete sophisticated luxury.

GlobeWest Felix Block

Or pair with the Bogart Block Sofa to up the boho ante with glorious, rich velvet.

GlobeWest Bogart Sofa

The Skagen Rug by Tribe Home is one of our most popular choices! A calming grey brings neutrality to the room which can really aid to unclutter your space! It’s easy to clean with it’s flat weave style and versatile enough to work with kids or without!

Tribe Home Skagen

For a new couch to brighten your space we LOVE the Vittoria Slip Cover! It’s gorgeous linen cover and white hue can transform your space from dull to dreamy in one fell swoop!

GlobeWest Vittoria Slip Cover Sofa

If you have children go for a sleek choice like the Juno Chaise Sofa. With it’s darker colour and raised bed it makes cleaning, toy retrieval and crumb removal much easier!

GlobeWest Gus Sofa

If you have a small space but love to have visitors over go for a compact option like the Gus Flip Sofabed. Perfect as an extra bed when needed or flip it out for a snuggly movie day with the kids!

GlobeWest Gus Flip

If you have crawling babes about (or plan to!) a smart choice is the Flinders Slat Coffee Table. With its round shape you won’t have to worry about sharp corners right at your babes head height!

GlobeWest Flinders Slat Coffee Table

Whenever you are stuck, let these two questions be your most important guide as you complete your look! What style do YOU love. What home do YOU have.

Most of all, have fun with it!!!

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