Your all invited to the ‘Wild and Free’ Exhibition by Ruchi Rai + Maggi Mcdonald



You know how much we love love LOVE supporting Emerging Australian Artists!

We are super PASSIONATE about showcasing  so many more, after our recent artist submission callout received over 200 emails!!!


So get ready to kick off our regular Design Twins Exhibitions with our



You are all invited to view their BRAND NEW amazing NEW ‘Wild and Free’ Collection!

PUT IT IN YOUR DIARIES!!! Saturday May 12th from 2pm – 5pm in our Sydney store. (The day before we celebrate Mother’s Day…hint hint… mum wants to pimp her walls out with art everybody 😉 and you can buy now. pay later with ZIPMONEY!)

More details to come about this bloody exciting event!!!

(Prepare to get art bombed in the coming weeks 😉 hahaha)

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 5.13.59 pm.png

So here’s some HOT tips below for entering into the beautiful boutique world of ART!!!


Investing in art is a MASSIVE commitment – it’s expensive, personal and you will most probably have it forever if it’s something that speaks to you!! So let’s get it right the first time! 😉

First. Things. First… write down the MEASUREMENTS of the area and understand the SCALE of the artwork needed. Take these notes with you. Put them in your phone, write it in your diary or tattoo it on your forehead… Just make sure you have them with you!

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 4.46.57 pm.png

Secondly, check the LIGHTING in your space. Is it a darker/smaller space that needs something moody or something to brighten it up? Or is it an open plan brightly lit room that could use a splash of soft colour and texture like our Jessie Rigby Artwork.


Make sure you do some research! Read a book, a magazine, go online and visit the Australian Art Gallery and find out what mediums and styles and designs you like. Also what’s your budget? That will help determine what you can afford! Understanding terms such as an original, reproduction and limited editions can be sooooo helpful as well.

Know about the artist where possible. This will give you a better insight to understanding the context of the piece, making it that little bit more special! Remember to support the Australian Artist, especially those that are new to the scene!

LOVE what you choose and TRUST your instinct! Choosing Artwork is VERY personal and should create a reaction and draw you in! It’s a way to express yourself after all…


In an ideal world an artwork should be chosen before any other homewares and styling pieces, you want the artwork to be the hero of your home! This is obviously not realistic so be sure to understand what pieces you already own. Do you have an ongoing colour theme already? Matching your pillows to the artwork so it compliments the artwork simply be the fix you may need! This will create a cohesive area.


Luckily there are people called stylists and guess what? We would LOVE to help you find that DREAM ARTWORK that compliments your interior styles! Simply send me an email to

More to come from these two very talented Artists in the lead up to the Exhibition!

Love C xx


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