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Design Twins, the brainchild of Crystal Bailey and Mitchel Lindsay, is a homewares brand based in Sydney, Byron and Los Angeles. The duo not only sell their handmade pieces, but offer a wide selection of Limited Edition Australian brands both in-store and online. Today, Crystal and Mitch have collaborated with brands such as Three Birds Renovations, Uber, Google, Dulux, Optus and have been featured in top publications such as Real Living, Collective Hub, Home Beautiful, Marie Claire, Interiors Addict and more.

How did they get here? In 2014, Crystal and Mitch had an idea about concrete. In their wildest dreams, they couldn’t have imagined that idea would lay the foundation for their futures in the Homewares industry. To start their journey, the pair set out to destroy their tiny beachside kitchen apartment – experimenting with concrete is hard work, after all!


It didn’t take long before Crystal landed on a selection of concrete cups and accessories. Mitch, a natural business enthusiast, set up a website, listed some items and titled their project: Design Twins.

“Ok,” they thought. “Let’s put up a website and hit the markets!”

However, they weren’t just bringing concrete cups and accessories to the markets, were they? No, they were successfully bridging a gap between art and functionality within the homewares spectrum.


It started a concrete revolution, where everyone in Australia (and the world) wanted these homewares. So, instead of selling them at the markets, Design Twins became stocked at Australia’s biggest boutique homewares stores such as Koskela and Fenton & Fenton. They landed magazine features in top tier publications such as Real Living & Inside out, blogs such as Interiors Addict & Rebecca Judd Loves, and the couple even became concrete teachers at Megan Morton’s School. It didn’t take long until Design Twins became a bustling brand within the design community.


Just into the beginning of their journey, Mitch and Crystal had to move house three times to keep up with all the madness. At six months, Design Twins was a homewares entity employing three full time creatives. In February 2015 branching out from their signature concrete creations, they launched a stunning lightweight pot range that would end up catapulting their business to an entirely new level. Actually, it sort of took over their business. Before they even began painting their first round of orders, a 40-foot shipping container landed in their front yard — their first order was over 1,000 pots.


It was then they realized how much they needed a huge workshop space. Now, they’re currently shipping pots worldwide every week and fitting out businesses such as Google, Uber and Optus. The next step was inevitable…A huge success story followed by a great new project, bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the doorstep of the interiors community with the Design Twins Store.


There are no other homewares stores that are doing things differently, presenting Australian brands & Designers in a fresh, unique and interactive way, which is why we’re all so excited about this new design haven.


Here, they’ve created a store where shoppers can customize their own lightweight pots within a huge range of colours and promote emerging artists and handmade products, as well as Interior Styling and Furniture Packages. Of course, being the parents of two little boys, Mitch and Crystal have created a family-friendly atmosphere, catering to lifestyles that compliment busy professionals, jetsetters and design enthusiasts alike.



They’re approaching design, not as work, but as an enjoyable aspect of everyday living.

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